April 2023 Full Service and Message Archive

Video # 1

April 2


Palm Sunday


- Do you know who Jesus is?  - Are you able to explain who Jesus is to someone else?

- Challenge yourself to know Bible verses to turn to that reveal who Jesus is. - What are you doing with your decision to follow Jesus? Is there evidence in your life that you believe in Him as your Lord and Saviour?

Video # 2

April 7



Good Friday

Video # 3

April 9



Easter Sunday

Video # 4

April 16


- How would you explain to someone the Trinity?

- Are you aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life?

- What difference does it make in your life to know that God is not only with you, but is in you to guide and direct and lead you to truth?

- Have you experienced the Holy Spirit guiding you to understand truth?



Video # 5

April 23


Do you know God’s story well enough to tell it to others? What steps are you taking to know the history of the world according to God’s Word?

- Do you know your place in God’s Story? How would you tell someone about it?

- Are you living in anticipation of the Kingdom of God? Does anything in your life or priorities need to change?

- What gives you hope?

Video # 6

April 30


Do you trust the Bible? Why? – Do you believe in Creation? Why?

- Do you believe in the Existence of God? Why?

- How do you explain the existence of all things to someone who asks?

- Are you prepared to explain to someone why you trust the Bible’s account of Creation? What steps are you taking to learn more about it?





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