February 2023 Full Service and Message Archive

Video # 1

February 5


- Do you believe that the Bible is truth?

- If you had to set your level of trust and reliance upon God as a number between 1 and 10, what would your number be?     Does your life reflect that number?

What steps are you taking to increase that number?

- Do you live out, act out, speak out like you have confidence in God?

- Take time to consider and think about Ecclesiastes 3:14

Video # 2

February 12


Do you have a problem so big in your life that you think God can’t solve it?

- Do you think that you can keep a secret from God?

- Have you ever tried to hide from God? Can you?

- Do you trust in the goodness of God? How is that reflected in your life choices and actions? Is it evident to the people in your life that you trust in God?

- Read Zechariah 4:6 – How does this declaration of God affect your life?

Video # 3

February 19


Are you prepared to give an answer for the hope you have in Jesus?

- How would you respond to the following questions?

       (If you do not have an answer what steps are you taking to have one??)

? – How can God be good if there is so much evil in the world?

? – Why do bad things happen to “good” people?

? – If there is a loving God, why do the “innocent” suffer?


Video # 4

February 26


Do you know where you stand before God?

-If God asks you today why He should let you into heaven, what is your answer?

-How does your life reflect that you have been made holy by the shed blood of Jesus? What example is your life displaying?

- What areas of your life are you being challenged in, in the area of holiness?



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