March 2023 Full Service and Message Archive

Video # 1

March 5


- Do you understand the different ways that love is revealed? How do you see this demonstrated in your own life? Can you see it in other people?

- Do you know how to clearly present the love of God to others?

- Why do you think people reject God’s love?

- When in your life have you experienced the love of God?



Video # 2



- Have you ever judged or been judged unfairly? What measure or standard do you use to determine what is fair and just?

- How does your life demonstrate that you trust God’s justice?

- Are you prepared for the judgment of God? Are you prepare to give an answer to God for your life?



Video # 3

March 19


- How do the choices in your life reflect the mercy and grace that God has given you in Jesus? Are there any areas of your life that need to be addressed?

- How are you demonstrating God’s presence in your life? What is the evidence?

- In what ways are you engaged in serving others?



Video # 4

March 26


- Do you ever feel discouraged? Hopeless?   By What??

- Where do you find hope? Are you trusting in the promises of God for your life?

- How do God’s promises relate to your life? How do they make you feel?

- Do you know the promises of God? What steps are you taking to know and engage with God’s promises?




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