May 2023 Full Service and Message Archive

Video # 1

May 7


- Do you believe that God still speaks today? Have you heard God speaking to you through His Word? Through Dreams? Through Visions? Through Creation? Through other people? What has God been saying to you?

- Do you take the time to be still enough to hear God speak? DO you have a practice of being quiet before God and asking

Video # 2

May 14


Your engagement for this week is to seek God’s Word for answers to your

questions and in so doing equip yourself to talk to others about Creation

Questions??... And Answers…


Share with one person this week what you have learned about the wonder of Creation.



Video # 3

May 21


Do you have an answer??

- What does it mean to be human?

- What does it mean for you to be created in the image and likeness of God?

How does this challenge you to live, act, speak?

- Are you living like your body if the temple of the LORD?

- How do you view other people? Do you find yourself judging others? Loving others?

- What value do you put on human life and why?

Video # 4



What steps are you taking to be responsible for God’s creation?

In what ways are you a good steward of creation?

In what ways are you a bad steward of creation?

Are there any habits or practices that you need to change? What are your next steps?

How are you engaged in helping others to see God’s creation and respond properly to taking care of it?



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