November 2023 Full Service and Message Archive

Video # 1

November 5


What does it mean to your life that “the time is near?”

How would your life be different (practically & specifically) if you lived each day with a continual expectancy of Christ’s return?

What effect does the vision of the risen Christ have on you?

Have you had a profound experience or encounter with the Living God? How did it affect you?

Video # 2

November 12


What is your purpose in going to church?

How important is it to be a part of your local church? Are you an engaged contributor in your church? How are you serving others?

How does your going to church demonstrate to others the importance of Christ in your life? Does your attendance bring glory to God or attention to you?

Video # 3

November 19


What do you do to bring glory to God?  Why do you do it?

How genuine is your faith in Christ? What evidence is there that others can see?

Is Jesus your first love? Is there anything in your life that challenges having Jesus as first in your life?

Why do you attend church?  Out of duty, tradition, or love?



Video # 4

November 26


Are you afraid of dying?

Do you know with certainty where you are going when you die?

Do your “neighbors” know where they are going? Have you share the Good News

of Jesus Christ with them?

How are you living faithfully? What does being faithful look like in your life?



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