2011 Daimler Drive, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3H6 Tel - 250.769.5481 Our Core Values Out of the freedom that we have in Jesus we are to live for Him, giving God all the glory, honor and praise. We are on a lifelong journey of learning and living what it means to honor God in our lives. As a church we have embraced six key areas that we have opportunity to recognize as essential to demonstrating this before God: We Honor God with Our Worship Our praise before God comes in many forms: music, song, prayer, spoken word, a deed done in the Lord’s name and many more. The heart of honoring God in our worship is maintaining a focus on who we are living for, who we are singing for, who we are doing anything for… with our eyes fixed on Jesus it is all worship. We Honor God by Taking Him at His Living Word God has given us a blessing in the written Word, His Word, which provides us the wisdom and guidance that we need for our lives. God has also provided us Jesus, the embodiment of His Word to us in the flesh. As we learn how Jesus lived and interacted with others and served, we find ourselves seeing the way we too should live. We focus on the whole of God’s Word and desire to follow the teachings of the Bible. We Honor God in Fellowship We are the bride, the body of Christ, and we want to honor God in our relationships with one another: building each other up and encouraging each other in the pursuit of living for God, as well as providing correction and direction where needed. As we live the right way with each other, we honor God and display for the world around us what living for God is like. We Honor God in Community God’s call on our lives is to be salt and light, seasoning the world around us with His presence and displaying the light of Jesus for all to see. We honor God in connecting with our community and reaching out in tangible, visible ways. The end result is glory brought back to God, not ourselves or this church. We Honor God in Service Learning to be a servant is a process. Some find it easier than others. In the same way as Jesus demonstrated to us the nature of a servant, we too are called to serve others in love and bring the glory to God not ourselves in the process. We Honor God in Missions The call to reach the world for Jesus begins in our own backyards and right across the street from our front doors. It is the call for everyone who calls themselves a Christian, A Christ One, and we honor God when we follow through on His call in our lives to tell others about Jesus.