2011 Daimler Drive, West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3H6 Tel - 250.769.5481 Our History The Christian and Missionary Alliance was founded by A.B. Simpson in 1887. He was born in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Albert Benjamin Simpson grew up in a strictly Presbyterian family, and also became a Pastor in that denomination. He served churches in Hamilton, St. Louis, and also New York. It was while serving in New York City that a couple of unique things happened. First, he became quite ill. The pressures and responsibilities of ministry were more than he could handle physically. Through that illness he experienced an awakening to a deeper relationship with God and God’s healing in his life in a wonderful way. Secondly, he developed a tremendous desire to reach the masses of New York City with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His church was an upper class church, and they were not too excited about having their nice sanctuary invaded by the poor and outcast. As a result, Dr. Simpson resigned from his church, and began to hold afternoon evangelistic and deeper life revival meetings in rented halls…and the people came. He was a tremendous preacher and a man of great vision. He had a vision for the world. As he preached, people followed, and it soon became evident that this growing congregation was going to need an organizational structure. At first they refused to be known as a denomination. They called themselves a society, but even a society needed a name. In that name was put the purpose of that congregation and the denomination to come. They would be committed to two things: 1) To bring people to Christ 2) To send missionaries to other lands So it became known as the Christian and Missionary Alliance. At about the same time there was a man in Toronto by the name of John Salmon who heard about Dr. Simpson’s meetings and his passion. He invited Dr. Simpson to come to Toronto for the purpose of evangelistic meetings. As they shared together, Mr. Salmon adopted the same purpose and commitment for his congregation and so began the Alliance in Canada. In 1887, in the first year the C&MA was organized it sent 3 missionaries; in the first 3 years 19 missionaries were sent. The Global Advance Fund provides the financial support for the Missionary endeavors around the world. The face of missions has changed over the years with the global economy and means of travel changing the scope of world relations. Currently within the Alliance Global Family there are almost 5 million members and adherents, participating in over 18,000 churches and preaching points in 81 countries. The current Global initiative of The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is focused on five key areas of the World, which specifically targets groups of people that are currently unreached with the message of Jesus Christ. These five areas are known as: Silk Road – Caribbean Sun – Desert Sand – Asian Spice – Sea to Sea While a great focus is placed on Global Missions, there is also a focus here in Canada. Within Canada there are six regions or Districts. Canadian Pacific – British Columbia and Yukon Territory Western Canadian – Alberta and Northwest Territory Canadian Midwest – Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut Central Canadian – Ontario St. Lawrence – Quebec Eastern Canadian – Eastern Ontario, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Nova Scotia Newfoundland and Labrador As of 2020, there are more than 440 churches in Canada. Over the years, God has been faithful to the work here in the Okanagan and specifically in West Kelowna. Westside Alliance Church began from the vision of Kelowna Alliance Church (now known as Mission Creek Alliance) in 1981. With a beginning in a school they soon grew and our present property saw the church doors opened in 1985. Many faithful workers have passed through the doors as Pastor. Serving Westside Alliance Church as Pastor: Rev. Rick Nicol 1981-1983(Founding Pastor) Rev. David Anderson 1983 Rev. David McCarthy 1984-1992 Rev. Kevin Nichol 1984-1993(Associate Pastor) Rev Richard Wiebe 1992-1994 Rev. Les Hamm 1994-1999 Pastor Paul Wolfe 1996-1998(Associate Pastor) Rev. Gerald Deguire 1999-2006 Rev. Leon Throness 2006-2007 (Satellite congregation to Mission Creek from Kelowna for six months) Rev. Ron Erickson 2007-2009 (Interim/Transitional Pastor) Rev Jared Enns 2009- Present The past years have seen God’s work in the lives of many people and reveal His faithfulness. There have been many lives touched through the ministry of Westside both here and around the world. We look forward to the future with expectant hearts to see the “exceedingly abundantly” done in our midst by our faithful God. “Great is His Faithfulness”